New Words That is Already in The Malay Speaking Community

Language is alive! It changes throughout time and it does so especially rapidly if there’s a lot of speakers. As a linguist enthusiast, seeing those changes in your own mother tongue, makes you smile. So here’s some word that was invented:

1. Sado

“Abang sado”

The word sado is used to mean “muscular build”, so orang sado refers to someone with a muscular build. I am uncertain when it first appears but it is a portmanteau* of besar [big] and the emphasis doh (used in emphasizing enthusiasm and surprise, or probably a contraction of bodoh [idiot]). Which makes sense! Imagine seeing someone so muscular that you just say: “besar doh!” which is equivalent to saying “That is crazily big!” but sado doesn’t necessarily refer to something so crazily big but a muscular build in general.

2. Mengeteh/Mengopi

Teh O is truly one of Malaysian wonders

It literally translates to “to tea” or “to coffee” but you can quite guess that it doesn’t mean “to make tea/coffee” but rather “to have tea/coffee”. Probably because it is a hassle to say “to drink tea” that they just dropped the drink. However, when someone says “Jom mengeteh!” [Let’s tea], you don’t necessarily have to drink tea with them. It’s just an expression to hang out in an eating place and tea/coffee is a general drink to have.

3. Membawang

Cutting onions for a wedding reception

Following “mengeteh/mengopi“, you’d probably guessed that membawang means “to eat onion” which is funny: who eats onion as a meal? It actually means “to gossip”.

There is a story of how this word came to be that I actually find funny. You know how during a kenduri kahwin [wedding reception] all your relatives came together to help prepare them? The men usually do the heavy stuff (setting up tents and technical stuff) and the women usually do the cooking and getting the ingredients done. One important ingredient in most serving would be onion (and garlic, malays call them both bawang).

While preparing onions, what else can they do? Of course: Gossip! We call them makcik bawang (onion aunties). So the act of gossiping would be membawang.


So there you have it, some new words that I find worth putting in the dictionary, if I write the dictionary tho.

*On a side note, the word portmanteau in Malay, according to the Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu, is Kata lakur which means “fusion word”. I think that’s neat, especially because in nuclear science, the process of fusion is pelakuran. So when I think of kata lakur, it sounds nuclear and that’s cool.


Welwitschia: Ratu Gurun Flip Flappers

Sifat Flip Flappers yang penuh dengan imaginasi sentiasa bersedia memberikan kejutan. Tidak dinafikan dunia Flip Flappers penuh dengan Easter Eggs daripada dunia karyawan/wati mahupun dunia ilusi optik. Tidak ketinggalan pula dikaitkan dengan dunia Biologi.

Jika dulu Flip Flappers mengejutkan saya dengan reference kepada Biologist Jakob von Uexskull, kini saya diperkenalkan dengan Welwitschia.

Peminat cerita ini mungkin tidak pernah dengar nama Welwitschia dalam siri tersebut tapi menurut, laman rasmi untuk projek #FliFla, Welwitschia adalah nama untuk penjahat di Pure Illusion Gurun dalam Episod ke-3.

Berbadan hitam dan dipenuhi dengan dedaunan menjalar, Welwitchia mampu memanjangkan dedaun yang menjalar dari kakinya. Jarak maksimum tidak pasti tapi daripada anime-nya, sememangnya pemanjangannya agak jauh.

Rupa paras dan perwatakannya agak cringey. Mungkin ada juga yang memanggilnya hodoh.

Dari segi rupa parasnya, boleh dapat agak yang wataknya direka dari pokok (kerana badannya penuh dedaun) tapi yang menariknya, pokok yang menjadi asas rekaannya adalah Welwitschia mirabilis.

W. mirabilis adalah sejenis pokok yang dijumpai di gurun Nambia (Afrika Selatan). Orang yang mengkatalogkan pokok ini, Friedrich Welwitsch, mencadangkan pokok ini diberi nama saintifik Tumboa, kerana orang tempatan memanggilnya Tumbo. Namun, atas cadangan Joseph Hooker, pokok itu dipanggil Welwitchia, dipetik dari nama Welwitsch.

W. mirabilis mempunyai dua daun, satu tapak (batangnya), dan ada akar “taproot”. Ketinggiannya boleh mencapai 2 meter walaupun ia adalah pokok renek (‘shrub’) [selalunya kurang dari satu meter]. Daunnya pula boleh mencapai 4 meter.

Umurnya pula ada yang kata boleh mencapai 1,000 ke 2,000 tahun walaupun jumlahnya yang agak jarang.

W. mirabilis adalah satu-satunya pokok dalam keluarga, genus, dan spesisnya! Keluarga, genus dan spesis ni yang menentukan keunikan satu-satu kehidupan. Contohnya, kucing berada dalam keluarga felidae. Harimau pun dalam keluarga felidae. Maknanya harimau dan kucing sebenarnya saudara mara.

Nampak logiklah bagaimana watak Welwitschia boleh bertukar menjadi raksaksa pokok gergasi dan boleh memanjangkan daunnya, dan, berbanding watak lain dalam dunia tu yang bersuku dan berkaum, Welwitschia tiada suku kaum.

[1] Wikipedia: Welwitschia mirabilis

[2] Kew Science: Welsitschia mirabilis…/…

[3] Kelira Telian. “Pure Reality: Welwitschia, Queen of the Desert”…/pure-reality-welwitsc…/

Flip Flap Flip Flapping Flip Flappers


Ok, I know the title doesn't make sense but what
I mean is "A Review of the Flip Flappers Series".


Flip Flappers is a visually appealing anime. The moment I saw the preview on Animax, I was captivated by its unique style so I immediately said to myself: “I had to watch this!”. At that point, I really couldn’t care less about its genre and theme (unless it includes
some genres I am naturally repel, which you can read here).

However, I do admit that they do have a whole lot of problem with plot holes, but as ceicocat tells you, that’s not the main point here (it’s a YouTube video, I recommend watching).

So here are my highlights (the part that I love).

The Colourful Journey of Irodori Iroha

As much as the duo adventures through different Pure Illusions, this one moment is the one I love the most. I mean, I love the idea that I get to adventure through someone’s life, although, as you can see in the anime, it proves to be quite depressing.

However, I like to think of my life like it’s Cocona: dull. Yes, it’s quite dull. Everyday you go to school, back at home, school and back, school and back, school an- urgh! Where is all the interesting stuff? Where are science fairs where I can look at exciting things students do? Why I am not called for competitions and win medals? Bla bla bla bla bla and when things do get interesting, I was sweeped out of the scene.

So, yeah, all my life I’ve been searching for interesting things to do: drawing comics, novels, blogging et cetera. One of them is actually watching anime (or novels or other mediums of choice) because in anime, things always get interesting (usually) even though it’s about several kids doing what kids do in rural Japan (Non Non Biyori). So, sometimes, I imagine (or dream) myself in those events. Quite the cliche, heheh.

Then, I actually realize, interesting things come for those who find them and sometimes, it is in the little things; it is highlighted even in this anime. So, here’s my main niche for that. I even made that blog after realizing that fact. And yes, interesting things do come after that. I met my people of the same niche, interact with scientific people, and have knowledge of science fairs around my area; basically I joined the scientific community in the process.

That’s not the only reason why I love this scene. I’m a curious creature and I admit that (we humans are curious). Plus, if you refer to my “How I Used Anime To Learn About People“, I’m new to the social world. And so, I would love to learn more about people, and one way to do that is to look back at their history but for someone like me whom most people wouldn’t trust such information, my desire to just jump into their “Pure Illusion” multiplies.

And this anime did just that! At the back of my head, I screamed “Oh my gosh, really?” when I realized it was someone else’s memory.

Cocona vs Yayaka Battle

Let’s admit it, the battles represented in this story are epic and awesome.

But for me, nothing is as epic and meaningful as this one. Yup, the Cocoka Battle (or is it the Yayana battle? Both sounds weird, let’s just call it Cocona vs Yayaka)!


First, I simply like Yayaka’s character design. It’s just elegant and unique (I mean, you don’t see that hairstyle anywhere else)

And secondly, the fight means something. As soon as glimpse of memories appears in that kaleidoscopic diamond dome (it had to be in third person point of view, god damn it! I know for sure Yayaka does not remember those moments that way.), it shows exactly what Yayaka is actually fighting with — yes, you’ve guessed it; with herself.

She was fighting against herself. For what? She was struggling between wanting to be with Cocona or wanting to be with Asclepius (that organisation she was adopted into). Deep in her heart, she knows, her memories with Cocona is more valuable.

Yes, at first she was doing it for Asclepius, but as time passes, she finds being with Cocona is just plain enjoyable. Asclepius was the only one who she thinks would take care for her but Cocona does not judge her for who she is. Even though, she was the one who made Cocona and her run away from that hospital, Cocona does not complain other than a question of whether or not they should do it.

In high school, we can see how close they are: she even let Cocona copies her Future Decision Form, or whatever you call it. That’s what close friends do (although, if it were me, I love discussion more than plain copying). Even if it’s not obvious, Yayaka cares for Cocona. She always ask “Is your heart ready for this (and what is going to happen along the way)?” and she knows Cocona does not.

So this whole battle in a kaleidoscope is a metaphor (or an analogy) to Cocona and Yayaka confronting each other in a cafe (or any of their houses or anywhere suitable), blaming each other with a “Your heart is not ready for this!” (by which she means “I want to protect you, but I can’t under the conditions I’m in, so you better go home so you don’t get into trouble!”, I think), forgiving each other and being friends with a deeper connection, with Yayaka do most of the talking (battling).

Except, with epic battles and visual orgasm.

And yes, Cocona is utterly confused: “Why are we fighting?” but then in a couple of episodes later, she learns the truth of their friendship.

To be honest, if I may, that fight is meaningful in a sense that she is trying to redefine their friendship and it’s also meaningless in a sense that it does not need any redefinition.

What I’m saying is that even though Yayaka started being friends with Cocona under the command of Asclepius, as time progresses, Yayaka wanted to protect their friendship. Simply put, Yayaka loves her as a friend just as Cocona does for Yayaka. (And obviously, Cocona’s love for Papika(na) is stronger).

So it doesn’t matter how they started, if both of them wanted to protect their friendship, it’s okay.

Cocona couldn’t handle Yayaka’s truth not because she thinks lightly of their friendship but more of the timing.


When I first heard of this song, I was like, “What kind of magical girl anime has an opening named ‘serendipity’?” and the tone of the song doesn’t convey a magical girl theme either.

For those of you who doesn’t know, ‘serendipity’ means ‘a process where something else was found when you were looking for something else (or sometimes, you weren’t looking at all)’.

So I was wondering what was the connection until the end of the anime when I finally get it.

And no! I’m not talking about the lyrics of the song, just a short connection with this title and the whole story.

The serendipitous moment was when Cocona was trying to decide her future when she finds Papika and by embracing her love for Papika (Yuri or not, it doesn’t matter) she was finally be able to be more decisive. Even in the end of the Opening MV, it is shown that Cocona is together with Papika in a normal everyday adventure.

And that is the main purpose of this story actually, for Cocona to find herself and be able to make decision.

So yeah, that was a long review and I think my longest post (aside from my short stories) and with all of these said, here is my favourite MV on this show:

Sunshine Blogger Award 2017



To be honest, I am relatively new to this blogging world so I never knew this award exist and I was kind of surprised when Yahari Bento nominated me for the Sunshine Award 2017. So I looked up “Sunshine Bloggers Award” in the Google Search function and found from multiple blogs on this topic that:

This (Sunshine Blogger) nomination is from bloggers to bloggers. The award is given to those who inspire and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.

I never thought my short years of blogging would actually be an inspiration to someone especially to those who are a veteran (compared to my blogging infancy). And sometimes I never would expect someone outside of the usual range known for speaking Malay to actually like my Malay Language post. I was like, can they even understand? or is this the work of Google Translate? (or they can really understand, who knows?)

Anyway, thanks Yahari Bento for finding my entries inspirational. I haven’t checked any of your anime reviews but I’ll check them out eventually. So enough with the opening speech, let’s get to the award!


  1. Display Award
  2. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.
  4. Summon (Nominate) 11 bloggers from your hand drawn magic circle and write them 11 new questions.

Questions for me

1. Your favorite anime series/movie in this year?

Definitely Flip Flappers! It’s hard to explain why with such little space. I was planning to do a review on it later on. So I guess you’ll have to wait, huh? Sorry for that.

2. Your favorite genre?

It’s quite hard for me to say. I’m so picky when it comes to anime or any type of storytelling which explains my lack of “anime experience” but I can’t tell you exactly what I enjoy watching. However, judging from my favorites it might be Splice of lifePsychological  or psychological conflicts (Black Rock Shooter and Kokoro Connect to name a few), and Esper. However, like I said, it’s hard for me to say so; that is only based on intuition. As a bonus, I’ll say right away that Magic or Mecha is a no go for me except for well, certain exceptions (Expelled From Paradise might be one).

3. Old anime series you want to watch again is…

Hmm….just like how I am new in blogging, I am relatively new in the anime world too. I started out from Black Rock Shooter 3 years ago but I do remember some old anime that my brother used to watch together with me. It’s like there was some year long gap between when I last watched anime and when I restarted watching anime. I definitely enjoy The Law of Uekiand The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya but since I remember some other series, I just feel like wanting to watch them.

4. 3 favorite characters in anime/manga are…

Inaba Himeko (Kokoro Connect), Asada Shinon (Sword Art Online), and Hinagiku Katsura (Hayate No Gotoku) with no particular order.

5. Let me know favorite anime in this season.

I’m not really familiar with seasons (I live in a tropical country; I’m new in the anime community; and I don’t really catch up with new anime, I just watch readily available anime with my own pacing) but if you consider Flip Flappers to be of this season then I’ll pick that one.

6. You are aniblogger, but do you play games too or not?

Heheh… I don’t really consider myself as an aniblogger but I do take pride in being an anime enthusiast (or geek or nerd or otaku if you may say) so I do talk about anime related topics sometimes…. and the answer to your question is, I don’t play as much games even though I do have a gaming console.

7. Which main characters from which anime do you want to descend from anime world to appear in front of you?

Maybe one of the three favorites I mentioned earlier?

8. While you are playing internet, what do you like to eat while do that?

Uhmm….snacks? To be honest, I’ll just pick up whatever is available by my side but definitely not something heavy. I’ll save that for when I watch anime.

9. What do you like to drink? Coffee, Tea, Milk, or fruit juice?

Tea! Black tea to be exact.

10. If this world will not produce any anime anymore, you will…

I might want to go to on and make anime. I mean, if nobody’s gonna do it, then we should, right?

11. Right now, are you sleepy, aren’t you?

Actually, not really. It depends on when I write this thing. I keep drafts, though, I don’t usually do that for recreational blogs like this one. When I started it, it was night but now as I’m finishing this, it is afternoon. So yeah. Depends on when is it exactly I am writing this.

My Nominations

I summon thee, as part of my Sunshine Bloggers Award:

  1. Doughnut Gunso, Hayate Report
  2. Karandi, 100WordAnime
  3. Achmad Bakhtiar
  4. Rhida Nurhidayah

Oh wait, now that I think of it, I don’t have that many blogs that I follow. T^T so I guess I’ll stop at these people then. Sorry for breaking the rules.

My Questions for them

  1. What makes you start blogging?
  2. Who do you look up to in blogging?
  3. Ever thought of starting a vlog? Why and why not?
  4. Do you watch YouTube? If yes, who’s your favorite You Tuber?
  5. What is your favourite book?
  6. One quote you’ve adapted from a book/movie/drama/anime?
  7. One thing you would want to do but never had the resources to do so?
  8. What subject do you hate the most in school?
  9. If you can travel to any place in the world, where would it be? Why?
  10. Which do you prefer, popular music or relatively unknown music?
  11. When and where were you happiest in your life?

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About Music Videos and Stuff

If you were asked, “Would you prefer popular music or relatively unknown music?” what would you answer? It’s not a tough one to answer though.

My music taste is most likely shaped by my brother who always knows about new music. For that reason, I love the Black Eyes Peas, Maroon 5 and why I’ve heard of the song Gangnam Style just before the day it became the talk of my school. Now, it’s most likely shaped by my anime preferences — or more specifically, what anime have I watched. So, the answer to the previous question would be a relatively unknown music.

That is also the reason why I am the least qualified in handling the P.A. system because I have little taste for popular music which is what I should play for any event because…well, majority. It might be catchy, but not resonant enough for me.

I once love Bruno Mars for Grenade, but now, I don’t know why he would do 24K Magic

The reason why I love Anime Original Soundtracks is because it has a story that we can associate with. When you listen to Inside Identity, you’d most probably imagine Rikka Takanashi’s idiosyncrasies. When you listen to God Knows, you’ll have Haruhi Suzumiya in a bunny suit. You get my point.

On that note, my laptop is filled with music videos instead of just .mp3 format music which actually takes a lot of space (T^T).

K-On music will probably stick with me for years to come

Also, I think that any music videos that uses clips from anime series other than the original did not do justice for the music. I prefer those that only uses clips from the specified series. Why? Because the music was built for that story so the context fits in every way. Whenever I watch the music video, memories of the series would flash in and out and therefore would give a feeling of actually understanding the story of the music.

Anyway, it’s just my personal opinion, if you have any say in this I would like to hear it out.